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“Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?” was the most asked question of my late teenage years. However, with much ambition, faith, and reassurance from loved ones I boldly answered, “Successfully working in the entertainment business as some sort of media personality or actress, financially stable, traveling the world, and with a man who loves all of me that will become my husband”. Now, 10 years later I am working in property management, an entrepreneur of a marketing and branding business, single, and financially there are days that are up and down for me. I’m quite sure if you ask a lot of people to compare their answer from high school to where they are now, the path will look slightly different. And the thing is, that’s ok. It’s ok that in 10 years that relationship didn’t turn into marriage. It’s ok that the bachelor’s degree you received is just sitting on the shelf while you work in a completely different field. It’s ok if all your peers are sipping champagne on a yacht in Miami while you are just making enough to keep a roof over your head. It’s ok if you haven’t conceived those babies yet by the golden society age of 30. And it’s ok if you’ve changed so much that the friends you once had are completely unfamiliar to you now and somewhat strangers. It’s ok simply because every path comes with a twist that changes where we are but transforms you into the person you are destined to be. We often catch a glimpse into a highlight reel of those around us and begin to compare where we are to where they are. That 1-minute “pov” reel of success that you see an influencer post doesn’t show all the no’s, heartbreaks, mistakes, and disappointments. All those things are needed and are to be used as tools for the life you are working to create. I remember I would scroll on my timeline and see so many people posting all the trips they were on or how amazing their job was. I would beat myself up thinking, “what is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong”? The answer is nothing is wrong with me. The only thing I was doing wrong was comparing myself to others instead of appreciating my life. When I began to take inventory of my life it instantly increased my gratitude which will shift your aura around people. You go from just being in a room to lighting up a room. You ever hear someone accuse another person of being jealous and they respond with “jealous of what”? That response is because they are comparing materialistic things instead of internal attributes. Anyone can have a lot of money if work they hard enough. The thing is not everyone is personable enough that people are drawn to them. Anyone can get into a relationship, but not everyone can get out of one with their dignity intact and not lose themselves. These types of traits don’t come easy and without flaws first. They come from growing and learning how to navigate different paths you’ve been thrown on. When I ask myself these days where I see myself in 10 years my response has changed from placing me in a physical setting but to an emotional and spiritual one. In 10 years, I see myself overwhelmed with happiness. I see myself being loved so passionately and proudly by those in my life. I see myself grateful and appreciative of where I am. Most of all, I see myself. Regardless of who else does, I will make sure that I see and love who I am. A woman is who forever evolving and transforming into the best version of herself.

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