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As we know, holidays can be a difficult time for most families to truly give to their children. It has always been a dream of mine to give back to those in need during the holiday season. 

Christmas has always been a special time of year in my family where we looked forward to playing games together, enjoying dinner, and of course exchanging gifts. Growing up my parents worked tirelessly to ensure me and my sister had a memorable Christmas. While my parents didn’t have a lot financially they always managed to create an atmosphere in the home for us to feel joy and love on Christmas day. This is a tradition that has continued throughout my adulthood and one that I want to share with others in the community. 

This Christmas I am hosting A Christmas Giveaway that would include but not be limited to, (Christmas tree and decorations, gifts for children, and meal for the family to enjoy). I would greatly appreciate your support in joining in to ensure these children receive a blessed Christmas!

Special thank you to Good Eatz for sponsoring the catered meals and Explicit Taste, LLC for sponsoring the baked desserts, both of Danville, VA.

To donate I have created a small registry link online with Amazon and Walmart:

Click here to visit Walmart Registry

Click here to visit Amazon Registry

You may also submit a monetary donation as well. Any amount given would be greatly appreciated! 

Please see below to read about the children:

Selected Family 1: 

1 Girl age 7 (Navaeh)

"The reason I chose this little girl to be your angel is because she truly is an angel.  She has a big heart and always thinks of others, last year she chose to get gifts for her little cousins instead of herself.  This year she did the same thing.  So I spoke directly to her mom so we could surprise her with gifts for herself.  She is very appreciative of what is given to her.  She attends the club everyday and participates in programming.  She enjoys cooking each Thursday with a family friend. She will truly be excited about any gifts she receive".


Christmas Wish List

Slime kit

Fingernail kit





Lip gloss



Selected Family 2:

1 Girl Age 12 (Kristen)

2 Boys ages 10 & 5 (Kingston & Kyrie)

"Kristy Giles is a single mother of 3. Her daughter is Autistic. This year has been a financial struggle for them. There was a time when she was having trouble finding work. She works extremely hard and always has done so to support her children. The kids are sweet, respectful, and well-mannered". 

Christmas Wish List

Bikes (all 3)

Rollerblades (2)





Board Games

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